Research in Progress

Papers Under Review

"Safer if Connected? Mobile Technology and Intimate Partner Violence" (with Valentina Rotondi) - revise and resubmit at Demography.

"A Four-Country Study on the Relationship Between Parental Educational Homogamy and Children's Health from Infancy to Adolescence" - revise and resubmit at Population Research and Policy Review.

"Spousal Educational Similarity and Infant Health in Chile: Evidence from Administrative Records, 1990-2015" (with Alejandra Abufhele and Andrés F. Castro) - revise and resubmit at Journal of Marriage and Family.

"Beyond Attendance: Gendered Impacts of a Cash Transfer for Education and the Unpaid Care Burden in Rural Morocco" - revise and resubmit at The Journal of Development Studies (link to working paper).

  • Winner of the Biennial 2017 Etienne Van de Walle prize for the best graduate student paper in Demography at the University of Pennsylvania.

"Family Change and Variation Through the Lens of Family Configurations in Low- and Middle-Income Countries" (with Andrés F. Castro, Hans-Peter Kohler, and Frank F. Furstenberg) - revise and resubmit at European Journal of Population (link to working paper).

"A Sequence-Analysis Approach to the Study of Partnership and Fertility Transitions in Low- and Middle-Income Countries" (with Maria Sironi, Nicola Barban, and Frank F. Furstenberg) - under review (link to working paper).

"The Selective Impact of Changes in Age-at-Marriage Laws on Early Marriage: Policy Challenges and Implications for Women's Higher-Education Attendance" (with Ewa Batyra) - under review (link to working paper).

"Mobile Phones and Attitudes Towards Women’s Participation in Politics: Evidence from Africa" (with Carlotta Varriale, Ridhi Kashyap, Rebecca Kirley, Colombe Ladreit, Chen Peng, Umberto Platini, Juan Pablo Ripamonti, and Valentina Rotondi) - under review.

In Progress

"Understanding the Impact of COVID on Domestic Violence in Italy" (with Selin Koksal, Valentina Rotondi, and Ebru Sanliturk).

"The Demography of Polygyny in sub-Saharan Africa: Trends, Compositional Effects, and Implications for Inequality" (with Julia A. Behrman and Hans-Peter Kohler).

"Family Formation and Inequality in Educational Opportunity" - 2021 SAGE Handbook on the Sociology of Education.

"Parental Separation and Children’s High-School Performance: Further Evidence and Heterogeneity from Italy" (with Manuela Stranges).

"Do Transition to Adulthood Markers Diffuse Through Country Ties? Evidence from Low- and Middle-Income Countries" (with Hans-Peter Kohler).