Research in Progress

Papers Under Review

"Beyond Attendance: Gendered Impacts of a Cash Transfer for Education and the Unpaid Care Burden in Rural Morocco" – under review (link to working paper).

"Parental Separation and Children’s Academic Performance: Further Evidence and Heterogeneity from University Students in Italy" (with Manuela Stranges) – under review.

"What's a Parent to Do? Measuring Cultural Logics of Parenting with Text Analysis" (with Pat Hastings) – under review (link to working paper).

"Educational Assortative Mating and Harsh Parenting" (with Elisabetta De Cao, Giulia La Mattina, and Alberto Ciancio) - under review (link to IZA working paper).

"IPV-Related Information-Seeking in Italy: Lessons from Online Surveys" (with Selin Koksal, Valentina Rotondi, and Ebru Sanliturk) - under review.

"Changing Partnership Ideals with Online Technologies Among Women in India" (with Koyel Sarkar and Sabino Kornrich) - under review.

"Global Family Behaviors and Practices Are Converging Over Educational Expansion" (with Hanbo Wu) - under review.

In Progress

"Cell Phones, Fertility Preferences, and the Calculus of Conscious Choice in Low- and Middle-Income Countries" (with Lyman Stone). 

"Gender-Based Stereotypes Towards Scientists: A Survey Experiment" (with Valentina Rotondi).

"Childhood Exposure to School Expansion and Sociocultural Changes in Inter-Caste Marriage in India" (with Nitin Kumar Bharti, Koyel Sarkar, and Neha Bailwal).

"Drug War Violence and Family Dynamics in Mexico" (with Alfonso Carballo and María Fernanda Sobrino Macias).

"ICTs and Inter-Ethnic Marriage in East Africa" (with Benjamin Laughlin).

"Global Stratification in Family Structure and Educational Outcomes: A Critical Appraisal and Outlook for the Future."

"Do Transition to Adulthood Markers Diffuse Through Country Ties? Evidence from Low- and Middle-Income Countries" (with Jeffrey Swindle and Hanbo Wu).

"Class-Based Name-Giving Patterns in Chile’s 20th Century: A Network Approach" (with Mario Molina, Mauricio Bucca, and Roberto Cantillan).

"School Segregation: A Global Perspective" (with Rob J. Gruijters and Felix N. Schlemmer)