Research in Progress

Papers Under Review

"Beyond Attendance: Gendered Impacts of a Cash Transfer for Education and the Unpaid Care Burden in Rural Morocco" – revise and resubmit at The Journal of Development Studies (link to working paper).

  • Winner of the Biennial 2017 Etienne Van de Walle prize for the best graduate student paper in Demography at the University of Pennsylvania.

"Parental Separation and Children’s Academic Performance: Further Evidence and Heterogeneity from University Students in Italy" (with Manuela Stranges) – revise and resubmit at European Societies.

"Declining Quantity and Quality of Births in Chile Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic" (with Alejandra Abufhele) - revise and resubmit at Population and Development Review (link to working paper).

"The Future of Demography: Where are We Headed?" (with Audrey Dorélien, Xavier St-Denis, and Alexis Santos-Lozada) – revise and resubmit at Canadian Studies in Population.

"Union Formation, Within-Couple Dynamics, and Child Well-Being in Global Comparative Perspective" (with Ewa Batyra, Andrés F. Castro, Hans-Peter Kohler, and Frank F. Furstenberg) – under review (link to working paper).

" Communication with Kin in the Wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic" (with Megan N. Reed, Lauren Harris, Linda Li, Frank, F. Furstenberg, and Julien O. Teitler) – under review (link to working paper).

"What's a Parent to Do? Measuring Cultural Logics of Parenting with Text Analysis" (with Pat Hastings) – under review (link to working paper).

"Digital Technologies and Children's Health Outcomes at Birth" (with Komin Qiyomiddin) – under review.

In Progress

"Educational Assortative Mating and Harsh Parenting" (with Elisabetta De Cao, Giulia La Mattina, and Alberto Ciancio).

"Methodological Innovations for Measuring Parenting Logics: Applications of Computational Approaches for Using Text as Data" (with Pat Hastings).

"Promises and Pitfalls of Vital Registration Systems Across the Globe: Are We on Track for 2030?" (with Stéphane Helleringer, Orsola Torrisi, and Soumaila Ouedraogo).

"Global Stratification in Family Structure and Educational Outcomes: A Critical Appraisal and Outlook for the Future."

"The Demography of Polygyny in sub-Saharan Africa: Trends, Compositional Effects, and Implications for Inequality" (with Julia A. Behrman and Hans-Peter Kohler).

"Do Transition to Adulthood Markers Diffuse Through Country Ties? Evidence from Low- and Middle-Income Countries" (with Jeffrey Swindle).